At Fires and Surrounds Direct, we do a large range of stoves in our showroom ranging from smaller stoves right to very powerful stoves generating a high heat output. We do stoves which fit into fireplaces surrounds or just freestanding stoves in one side of the room generating warmth in the complete room.

whatever your setting we have the more traditional black cast iron stove right up to more modern designers look stoves for that sleek contemporary.
Multi fuel stove is perfect if you want to be able to switch from burning one type of fuel to another. With a multi fuel stove, you can burn wood, coal and smokeless fuel. Whether you want a 5kW heat output, something stronger or something for a smaller room, we have all the sizes and styles of multi burner stoves you could wish for.
A wood stove is a wonderful addition to any home. Along with adding plenty of heat to your room, a log burner can also be carbon neutral and save you money on energy bills, so it will even better for you.


If you’ve been in the market for a stove, you’ve probably heard the term ‘Ecodesign Ready Stoves’, Simply put, by 2022 all wood burning stoves must adhere to a European directive on air pollution and particulate emissions known as Ecodesign.